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As a process pilot in a quality system, your role is crucial in ensuring compliance and continuous improvement of your organization. Here are some tips to assist you in this responsibility

  1. Understand the quality system requirements: Familiarize yourself with standards, regulations, client requirements, and specific requirements applicable to your company. This will help guide your process towards compliance. Also, become acquainted with all processes that interact with your activities.
  2. Document processes: Ensure processes are documented clearly and are understandable to all stakeholders. Simplicity is key.
  3. Choose the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Define relevant and SMART KPIs to measure your process performance. Monitor KPIs at an appropriate frequency, allowing you to identify areas of improvement. Stick to monitoring and analyzing your indicators at the defined frequencies. Eliminate any indicator that doesn’t guide decision-making.
  4. Implement corrective and preventive actions: When real or potential deviations from quality requirements are identified, analyze the real or potential causes and take steps to address issues at their root.
  5. You’re not the only actor in the process; promote training and awareness among your teams: Ensure team members understand the importance of the quality system, all established documentation, and their role in its implementation.
  6. Value internal audits: They’re essential for ensuring process compliance and effectiveness. Use audit results to continuously improve the operation and efficiency of your process.
  7. Promote inter-process collaboration: You’re not isolated from other processes; working closely with other process pilots in your organization is essential for ensuring quality process integration and coherence.
  8. Leverage technology to optimize processes: Explore technological solutions such as quality management software and document management systems. These tools can simplify process management, eliminate unproductive tasks, improve traceability, and facilitate data collection and analysis, which are valuable for decision-making. For this, we suggest the QUALIPRO software for efficient and effective process control.

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