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Your organization's success depends on the performance of your people


Staff qualifications / skills management : both visual and effective

• Identify skills needed for all company personnel.
• Manage the skills you have in your business place.
• Assessment of the adequacy between the skills of the employees and their job description.
• Carry out a mapping of staff skills (missing qualifications, the most suitable people for a job, integration plans, etc.).


Management of staff training

• Manage in real-time training from the initial request to hot and cold evaluation, planning, and implementation.
• Manage the training schedule, as well as control training organizations.
• Evaluate training sessions carried out.
• Identify training needs.
• Ensure the adequacy of the training catalog with the expectations of teams.


Measuring staff satisfaction / Listening

The success of your organization depends on the performance of staff, hence the need for the :
• Identification of sources of staff dissatisfaction.
• Performance of employee satisfaction surveys as well as consultations with staff.

An accessible and collaborative solution.