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Analysis of failure modes, their effects, and criticality

The FMEA module "Analysis of Failure Modes, their Effects and their Criticality", essential for the automotive, aeronautical, etc. industries.

This module makes it possible to centralize all the data linked to manufacturing quality risks and to be part of a process of continuous improvement.

  1. Preparation and Planning

  2. Structural Analysis

  3. Functional Analysis

  4. Failure analysis

  5. Risk analysis

  6. Optimization

  7. Results documents


Follow the different types of failure modes, their effects, and their criticality.


Trigger the actions necessary to minimize the criticality of the failure modes.


Automatic and dynamic FMEA balance sheet editing.

Cloud Copy 2

Real-time access to FMEA analyzes.

Cloud Copy 5

Electronic validation according to pre-established workflows.

Cloud Copy 7

Treatment of different types of FMEA: process, product, and means.