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Are you in the Food Industry?


In the food industry, ensuring quality, food safety, and regulatory compliance is essential for consumer trust.

Stringent requirements and strict standards demand a robust quality management solution.

Discover how QUALIPRO module packs can transform your business and enhance your excellence in the food industry.


Document Management for Food Industry

Simplify the management of your critical documents with our Electronic Document Management system.

Ensure that essential information is accessible and up-to-date to maintain food quality.

Actions for the Food Industry

Respond quickly and effectively to quality challenges with our ACTION module.

Plan actions, notify stakeholders, record achievements, and tracking effectiveness becomes collaborative work through QUALIPRO workflows.

All reports and statistical data are generated instantly; no more repetitive entries in Excel files or time spent collecting data. You’ll have reliable real-time reports.

Automated Food Auditing

Plan, conduct, and track audits to ensure regulatory compliance and food quality.

Automate the process for transparent management and continuous improvement.

Performance Indicator Tracking

Measure and analyze key performance indicators to ensure food quality and compliance.

Make informed decisions for top-tier food production.

Food Non-Conformance Management

Identify, track, and analyze non-conformities to eliminate product quality issues.

Ensure that only high-quality products reach consumers.

Initiate corrective actions to prevent recurring non-conformities.

Analyze results to identify workstations or types of non-conformities generating the most non-conformities (in quantity and value).

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

Cultivate strong partnerships with your suppliers by maintaining real control. Qualipro allows you to manage supplier information and documentation, evaluate their performance, and maintain proper follow-up on complaints made to your suppliers.

Through the SRM platform (Supplier Relationship Management), coupled with Qualipro’s Supplier module, your supplier can respond to their complaints online and share their documents and certificates online.

Food Metrology Management

Ensure that your measurement equipment is accurate to guarantee the quality of food products.

Track calibrations to prevent errors in measurements.

Food Risk Management

Risk management is an essential pillar to maintain the safety and performance of your products/services.

With Qualipro, you can identify and assess potential risks at each stage of your processes.

By implementing targeted preventive actions, you reduce the risks of incidents and failures, ensuring production continuity and customer trust.

Develop your SWOT analyses with Qualipro.

Stakeholders in the Food Industry

Involve stakeholders to ensure transparency and compliance in the food industry.

Address needs and concerns to maintain consumer trust.

Food Human Resources Management

Ensure the competence and satisfaction of your personnel to maintain food quality and safety.

Manage skills, training, and motivation for a high-performing team.

Effective Food Industry Meetings

Plan, track, and execute decisions made during meetings for optimal coordination and quick issue resolution.

Food safety

Maintain food safety by analyzing hazards, managing prerequisite programs, generating HACCP plans, and ensuring verification.

Protect consumers against food risks.

Choose QUALIPRO module packs for transparent, effective, and compliant quality and food safety management.

Contact us today to discover how QUALIPRO can help you maintain excellence in the food industry.