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Making decisions in itself is not enough as it is necessary to follow up their implementation as well as the effectiveness of the related action plans.

QUALIPRO, a Quality / QHSE software, takes care of the planning, optimization and monitoring of your business or work-related meetings.

1. Organization :

  • Clearly and efficiently plan all types of collaborative meetings (management reviews, process reviews, technical meetings, etc.)
  • Explore the software’s automation capabilities in terms of agenda planning.
  • Alert your colleagues of the meeting’s content by built-in automatic notifications or e-mail.

2. Holding of the meeting and reporting :

  • Save writing time Generate dynamic minutes reports that are easy to print or send by e-mail.
  • Ensure the traceability of software-generated meeting reports.

3. Follow-up of related tasks :

  • Monitor in real-time the implementation of action plans set up by your team.
  • Get an overall view of meeting attendance and decisions made.
  • Guarantee confidentiality of information by ensuring limited access to those concerned.

Collaborative meetings in real-time