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With QUALIPRO you dematerialize all your Documentation.

Create, review, and archive all your documents without limitation

Companies are faced with an important challenge, which is the management of documents and data regularly spread out in multiple applications, servers, files, and computers… Which can drive to risks of loss, use of out-of-date versions, and particularly work overload and loss of time in obtaining the right document for the right version or in disseminating documents?

QUALIPRO, logiciel Qualité / QHSE, The control and consolidation of documents are important for the effective functioning of businesses. QUALIPRO, Quality / QHSE software, therefore it offers an electronic document management module “EDM” which makes it possible to manage, order, and secure document flows..

QUALIPRO, Quality / QHSE software, provides electronic and secure management of documented information:

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Internal documents: (procedure, instruction, operating mode, job description, product technical data sheet, etc.):

This module allows you to master the documentation established internally throughout its life cycle: expression of creation needs, modification, validation, electronic signature, distribution, version management, and this with traceability on the different stages.

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External documents: (standards, regulations, machine technical documentation, etc.):

This module allows you to master documentation of external origin by identifying, classifying, distributing it, etc.

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This module allows to classify and archive various recordings with a possibility of searching at the level of history by keywords, consequently facilitating the search for the data.

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Elaboration of process mapping

QUALIPRO allows you to map your processes, develop flowcharts describing the processes and automatically link each process with internal and external documents, risk analysis, indicators, audits etc.

Simplify the management of your documents

The QUALIPRO EDM documentation module, Quality / QHSE software, brings considerable gains to users by enabling them to adopt a common filing system, by rationalizing search and sorting documents, and above all by optimizing business processes.

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QUALIPRO responds to the problems of document management by ensuring:

  • Save time at the documentary level.
  • Involvement of users and collaborators in the continuous improvement of the documentary system.
  • Reduced document search time.


  • Real-time availability of documentation.
  • Controlled and personalized dissemination (elimination of the risk of loss of information).
  • Clear and total visibility of all the documents available and being validated.


  • Compatibility with all file formats (office, free office, pdf, etc.).
  • Version management, validation workflows, and document life cycles.
  • Simple, controlled, and immediate sharing of information.


  • Traceability of validation circuits and access to documents.
  • Elimination of the risk of circulation of outdated versions.
  • A “paperless” documentary system.
  • A mastery of documentation of external origin (in paper and electronic format).
  • Backup and storage of all data in a secure manner.