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Are you in the pharmaceutical industry?

Qualipro Logiciel Qualité Pharmaceutique

In the demanding sector of the pharmaceutical industry, rigorous quality assurance management is essential to ensure safety, quality, and regulatory compliance.

Discover how the QUALIPRO module packs, validated in accordance with 21 CFR part 11, can revolutionize your approach and enhance excellence in the pharmaceutical industry.

QUALIPRO module packs for the pharmaceutical industry.

Electronic Pharmaceutical Documentation.

Simplify the management of your critical documents with our Electronic Document Management system.

Avoid errors and ensure traceability to meet the strict standards of the industry.

With an electronic validation and distribution system, compliant with 21 CFR part 11, you optimize your entire document management process.

Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA)

Respond quickly and efficiently to quality challenges with our CAPA module.

Plan actions, notify stakeholders, record achievements, and monitor effectiveness with QUALIPRO’s collaborative workflows, ensuring traceability of all operations.

All reports and statistical states are generated instantly; there’s no longer a need for repetitive Excel entries or time-consuming data collection. You’ll have reliable, real-time reports.

Automated Pharmaceutical Audit

Automate the audit process to ensure regulatory compliance and process quality.

Plan, execute, and track audits with precision to maintain the integrity of your operations.

Generate your audit reports on the spot during your closing meetings. Relevant parties are automatically notified to plan and carry out the necessary actions.

Your audit report is dynamic; it gives you a real-time progress status of the actions resulting from the audit.

Change Control

Manage changes accurately to minimize risks and ensure the continuity of quality and safety.

Track changes from request to validation for proactive management.

Follow the lifecycle of changes, from request to validation, including the analysis of potential impacts.

Pharmaceutical Performance Indicators.

Measure and track key performance indicators to make informed decisions and enhance your manufacturing processes.

Pharmaceutical Risk Management.

Identify and assess potential risks to ensure the safety and efficacy of your pharmaceutical products.

Take preventive measures to uphold the integrity of your operations.

Management of Non-Conformities / Deviations.

Identify, track, and analyze non-conformities and deviations and eliminate them.

Moreover, with Qualipro, you benefit from initiating CAPA to prevent the recurrence of these non-conformities and deviations.

An extensive reporting system allows you to thoroughly analyze your deviations by type or by workstation through frequency or significance measures (valuing non-conformities).

SRM (Supplier Relationship Management)

Cultivate strong partnerships with your suppliers by ensuring genuine control. Qualipro allows you to manage supplier information and their documentation, assess their performance, and ensure proper tracking of complaints addressed to your suppliers.

Thanks to the SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) platform, combined with Qualipro’s Supplier module, your supplier can respond online to their complaints and can share their documents and certificates online.

Customers' Management

Strengthen your relationships with your clients by effectively recording, tracking, and responding to their inquiries and complaints.

With Qualipro, you can centralize information about your clients, conduct surveys, handle complaints, and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

Metrology Management in the Pharmaceutical Sector.

Ensuring the accuracy of your measuring equipment to guarantee product quality is essential.

Track calibration interventions and ensure traceability.

Pharmaceutical Human Resources Management

Your human resources are the cornerstone of your success.

The Human Resources Management in Qualipro ensures that your team is skilled and motivated.

You can manage individual skills, track training needs, and evaluate staff satisfaction.

This assists you in effectively allocating skills, anticipating training requirements, and maintaining a fulfilling work environment.

Effective Meetings in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Optimize your meetings by planning, tracking, and executing decisions made for efficient follow-up and harmonious collaboration.

Pharmaceutical Regulatory Compliance.

Stay ahead of regulatory requirements to ensure compliance and avoid legal issues.

Leave no room for error in the pharmaceutical industry.

Choose the QUALIPRO module packs for a transparent, secure, efficient, and compliant management of your quality system.

An audit trail allows for complete traceability of all your operations.

Contact us today to discover how QUALIPRO can help optimize the management of your quality assurance system while providing you with genuine decision-making tools.