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Automate the processing of complaints to improve the customer experience

Maintaining a good relationship with customers, guaranteeing them a qualitative experience, and developing customer satisfaction are major challenges for any business.

QUALIPRO places customer satisfaction at the heart of its functional logic, as part of the Quality approach:

From listening to the customer to measuring customer satisfaction, QUALIPRO provides you with data analysis tools and encourages you to take corrective, preventive, and improvement measures at all levels:

Customers (customer complaints, customer satisfaction and customer suggestions)

  • Controlled and optimized customer complaints follow-up:
  • Real-time monitoring and management of customer complaints.
  • Review and analysis of customer complaints by type, by the customer, and by processing time.
  • Set up traceability of complaints.
  • Monitoring of corrective actions associated with each complaint.

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  • Listening to customers and taking charge of suggestions: Automated structuring of customer suggestions.
  • Follow-up of actions taken to implement customer suggestions.

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  • Conduct customer satisfaction surveys: Planning and monitoring a customer satisfaction survey methodology.
  • Creation and automation of personalized reports of the results obtained.
  • Establishment of action priorities and progress objectives.
  • Decide on the necessary adjustments.


  • Responsiveness:
  • Improving responsiveness in receiving and processing customer complaints.

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  • Accessibility:
  • Identifying sources of dissatisfaction and communicating customer needs and expectations in real-time.


  • Customer-oriented approach:
  • Treatment of each complaint fairly and objectively throughout the complaints handling process.
  • Loyalty and improvement of the customer relationship.
  • To be up to date with the clientele and act on the results.
  • More efficient use of the organization's internal resources to increase customer satisfaction.

Enrich your customer knowledge and improve your QMS