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22 September 2020
Quality, beyond legal and regulatory obligations
Quality, beyond legal and regulatory obligations

The importance of the quality system

The importance of the quality system lies in the importance of quality as a major factor in the success of any activity. The quality approach gives more credibility to your customers and will guarantee the continuous improvement of your services and/or products. As each activity is unique, implementing a quality approach requires a specific procedure. In this era of globalization, you are certainly aware of the importance of the implementation of a quality approach for your activity. Still, you are concerned by the procedure and you want to know how to facilitate it to obtain your certification in the best time. Don’t look far, we have selected for you some points to consider during your quality project.

The quality culture in your company

The quality culture in your company The company’s culture plays a very important role in the implementation of the quality approach. Indeed, the development of a quality culture is the first stone in the building of your approach. The openness of the personnel to change and the acceptance of the adoption of new work procedures make the task much easier. It is therefore essential to promote a participative approach to involve your team in the concept of proposing improvements to existing processes. It is clear that quality is the business of the whole team, each one is responsible for quality in his position. Knowing that the company is not a closed entity, it is mandatory to maintain beneficial relationships with interested parties.

“Don’t look for perfection, gain 60% of the objective now, improvement is infinite” – Kaizen principles –

Control all your activities

You cannot implement a quality approach without controlling all the activities within your company. Taking into account the complexity of the activity, it is necessary to define the perimeters of the processes in order to avoid the overlapping of the activities. Hence the advantage of a quality management system is to organize all processes. When making decisions, it is essential to be evidence-based to avoid interpretations that may be subjective.

The role of your management

Management represents the source of all the approaches and the commitment of the management is a capital necessity to ensure the implementation, the maintenance, and the continuous improvement of the quality system. Remember that the whole principle is summarized in the leadership role of the management to encourage the involvement of teams in the quality process, this must be taken into account certainly in acts and speeches. The top management establishes the quality policy, sets the quality objectives, conducts management reviews, and assigns responsibilities and authorities within the company, to ensure that the QMS, quality management system, is consistent with the requirements of the standard and that the expected results are achieved. The management must provide the necessary resources (financial, human, material). It is also responsible for the deployment of the process approach and the risk approach within the company. The management is supposed to communicate the importance of the quality management system and to support the staff, especially the managerial line, in the quality approach.

“If you want others to commit, commit” -Karen Martin-

Your customers are at the center of your consideration

Your customers are the reason for your presence in the market, they are the heart of your activity. Of course, the quality approach aims at satisfying your customers through the marketing of a product that meets the standards or the assurance of a service that meets the requirements and expectations of the customers. In a quality approach, your customers must be at the center of your consideration in order to allow the good execution of your quality system to go beyond the requested requirements. Your objective is to build customer loyalty and increase your market share. To achieve this, maintaining customer satisfaction is necessary through the prompt handling of complaints and the continuous follow-up of your customers’ feedback. In order to ensure a more efficient management of the Quality system, we offer you Qualipro, our modular QHSE quality management solution. To learn more, request your free demo today.