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"A QHSE System Digitalization Solution

QUALIPRO is a Quality, Health, and Safety at Work (QHSE) management software and a Food Safety and Environmental solution published since 2003 by a qualified and expert team in the QHSE field.

The History of QUALIPRO

SAPHIR CONSULT GROUP, the publisher of QUALIPRO, was founded in 1999 as a consulting firm to assist companies in their certification processes and in the establishment and optimization of quality management systems.

Drawing on its expertise, SAPHIR CONSULT GROUP ventured into software development in 2003 with QUALIPRO, management software for Quality / HSE management systems.

Designed by industry experts, QUALIPRO, the QSE/QHSE software, is the result of extensive experience in consulting and auditing.

QUALIPRO provides the opportunity to manage the entire quality management system through a single, unified interface.

With various modules designed for different types of businesses. Original design with interconnected modules.

As it evolves, the QUALIPRO solution perfectly meets the requirements of various standards such as ISO 9001, EN 9100, IATF 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, IFS, ISO 13485, ISO 27001, ISO 45001, ISO 15189, ISO 50001, etc.


Both ergonomic, flexible, and innovative, QUALIPRO is an efficient software for Quality / QSE / QHSE / HSE system management with multiple features:


QUALIPRO, as a quality software, enables the reduction of operating and maintenance costs of the Quality / QHSE system and the reduction of paper/ink cartridge consumption to zero papers.

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QUALIPRO, as quality software, ensures the management of the entire integrated Quality, Environment, Health/Safety at Work, and Food Safety management system from a single, simple, and streamlined interface.

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QUALIPRO, as quality software, ensures smooth communication and collaboration among colleagues, with an integrated and connected personalized calendar linked to the company's mailing system and document management through a customized and collaborative workflow. This is how QUALIPRO enhances transparency in the operation of the Quality / QSE system.

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QUALIPRO, the quality software, provides easy access to all QHSE management system data with the option for mobile access.

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QUALIPRO, the quality software, ensures real-time file and data synchronization with the possibility of integration with other software.

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QUALIPRO, the quality software, secures shared data within the company and offers the ability to restrict access to data by process, site, department, etc.

  • Facilitates the implementation and maintenance of the Quality / QHSE management system.
  • Availability of QUALIPRO Mobile.
  • An integrated messaging system that reminds each user of tasks to be completed.
  • Real-time availability of information regarding various elements of the quality management system.
  • Document management is carried out through a customized and collaborative workflow.
  • Easy and user-friendly access to all your Quality / QHSE system data.
  • Zero risk of encountering outdated versions of your quality management system.
  • Broad functional coverage of the Quality / QHSE system (continuous improvement, audits, documentation, risks, complaints, investigations, skills management, training management, external provider control, metrology, indicators, as well as safety, environment, food safety, FMEA, and PPAP…).
  • Minimizing paper and ink cartridge consumption.
  • Rich reporting (statistical reports available).
  • Simple Solution
    • QUALIPRO, as a quality software, is managed through a web browser interface (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.), which provides easy access and a user-friendly interface.
  • Collaborative Tool
    • QUALIPRO, as a quality management software, allows every user to manage their tasks through an integrated messaging system. This system alerts the user and provides direct access to various instances, such as documents to consult, audits to conduct, and actions to follow. A wide range of statistical reports centralized in QUALIPRO’s reporting module offers a comprehensive view of the entire quality management system.
  • Available on Mobile Version
    • QUALIPRO meets mobility and responsiveness requirements. This user-friendly version is well-suited for mobile users, ensuring better availability and quicker, more efficient control over various actions.
  • Interfacing Solution
    • QUALIPRO is a software easily and fully interfaced with existing messaging solutions and information systems (interfacing has been done with several ERP systems such as SAP, NAVISION, SAGE, ADONIX, JDE, CEGID, etc.).
  • Multi-Site Solution
    • QUALIPRO is a web-based solution, allowing centralized deployment with multi-user and multi-site access.
  • Data Extraction and Conversion
    • QUALIPRO enables exporting of all existing reports in standard formats (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, etc.), as well as exporting data related to each module. For enhanced document security and confidentiality, QUALIPRO represents a quality management solution that can convert certain documents into secure images, preventing printing and saving on other media by the user.
  • Software Designed by Industry Experts
    • Quality management software designed by experts in quality, environment, health and safety at work, and food safety (third-party consultants and auditors) based on practical field experience. Third-party consultants and auditors provide assistance in implementing the software (training, assistance with configuration, and startup support).
  • Scalable Solution
    • QUALIPRO is a quality management software composed of various modules. These modules can be configured and used separately and progressively. Optional modules can be added as needed (e.g., environmental module, food safety module, etc.).
  • Open Technology
    • QUALIPRO uses DOT Net technology in development and SQL Server as the database, both open and standard technologies. Users access the application through a standard web browser, and access is secured through access rights management.
  • Complete Product / Management Review
    • As QUALIPRO, a quality software, covers various normative aspects, the software contains all the information needed to generate a report containing the inputs for the management review. Thus, QUALIPRO significantly reduces the time required for management review preparation.
  • Access Rights Management
    • QUALIPRO allows for the management of access rights based on predefined profiles or directly configured profiles.
  • System Access Control / Secure System
    • All accesses and interactions with QUALIPRO are logged, enabling an ‘audit trail’ in compliance with the requirements of the FDA’s ’21 CFR Part 11′ regulation.
  • Data Segmentation by Process and Site
    • Data can be segmented by process/site as needed (configurable) by restricting user access to the data of the processes/sites assigned to them.