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QUALIPRO, a Quality / QHSE software, is interfaced with all common electronic messaging systems (OUTLOOK, LOTUS, etc.) thus allowing a notification and reminder of those concerned on all the events assigned to them (action, audit, meeting, customer complaint, document, training, etc.).

A quality web solution that ensures the efficient management of your processes in a single platform.

QUALIPRO also allows the integration into an already existing information system (for example with an ERP) via “interfacing” which can be provided and carried out through web-services.

Last but not least, QUALIPRO is available in CLOUD mode and LICENSE mode hosted by the customer.


At the same time ergonomic, adaptable and innovative, QUALIPRO is an efficient modular tool for the management of Quality / QSE / HSE / QHSE / SDA systems allowing :


A reduction of the operating and maintenance costs of the quality / QHSE / SDA system

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A control of the entire Quality , Environmental, Health / Safety at work, and Food Safety integrated system from a single, simple and free-flowing interface.

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The fluidity of communication and exchange between employees.

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The simplicity of access to all data of the quality system or other management system.

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A synchronization of files and data in real-time.

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The securing of data shared within the company.

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The automation and easing of operational tasks.

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An optimization of the working time allocated to the management of the quality system, which can be devoted to improvement and customer satisfaction.

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A better decision-making tool thanks to the electronic management of documents and reports automatically in a single platform.

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