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Quality is a major issue for the entire automotive industry: manufacturers, large equipment manufacturers, and subcontractors, it includes not only the proper execution of processes but also the safety of your customers when using vehicles.

Qualipro is a modular solution that meets the specificities of the automotive industry according to the IATF standard: V 2016. Modules that cover:

Action Plans

The 8D


Monitoring of indicators

Supplier control


Risk analysis and expectations of relevant interested parties

Management of specific customer requirements (CSR)

Statistical mastery of the procedures and sampling plan

FMEA product & process

Capability studies and R&R studies etc.

With Qualipro, measure the capacity of control means (R&R studies) and production processes while respecting compliance requirements.
Through an interactive interface, you will be able to analyze the performance achieved in relation to the pre-established requirements and intervene in the event of non-compliance following alerts sent to the managers concerned.

By improving self-control, Qualipro helps companies increase the overall quality rate through KPI monitoring, descriptive maps, management of FMEA studies, and real-time action plans.

Qualipro provides you with a set of automatically generated decision tools (reports, decisions, alerts …) to highlight the variability of processes within your company.

Qualipro quality management software and IATF compliance:
Qualipro allows you to assess the compliance of CSRs and the validation of all of your control equipment through R&R studies and continuous calibration monitoring.

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Analyze the risks using the FMEA method.

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Management of FMEA.


Securely control the document system through authentication and electronic distribution.

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Ensure control of operational processes under optimal operating conditions.

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Effectively manage corrective and preventive actions and 8D.

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Plan and prepare audits.


Monitor processes via performance indicators and automatically generate dashboards.


Accelerate continuous improvement plans for example (6 SIGMA).

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Measure performance related to compliance with customer requirements (CSR)..