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Thanks to its SUPPLIER Module, QUALIPRO allows your organization to control and master external service providers according to their respective products/services and provides managers with a global and efficient overview of suppliers’ files.

QUALIPRO makes possible to select and assess external service providers and have instantaneous access to their respective status (complaints, non-conformities, history of assessments, etc.).


QUALIPRO, a Quality / QHSE software, allows you through its SUPPLIER Module the :

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Efficient selection of external providers

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Assessment of external providers

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Management of complaints addressed to external service providers

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Availability of the history of external providers

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Real-time access to all disputes with external providers and the associated processing

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Develop a mutually beneficial relationship with external providers

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Effectively share supplier information

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Assess and select suppliers according to predefined criteria and make the necessary decisions

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Master the strengths and weaknesses of the different external providers