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QUALIPRO is an integrated solution that helps companies to identify and define risks in the medium and long terms by monitoring and analyzing threats and opportunities, and implementing the necessary action plans, in keeping with the requirements of applicable standards and major international norms.

Beyond risks, QUALIPRO allows the automatic generation of a SWOT analysis.

QUALIPRO’s RISK / OPPORTUNITY Module offers a powerful decision-making and risk-prevention tool for in companies, and allows users to :

Anticipate threats that the company may face depending on the context in which it operates.

Define the business opportunities the company can take advantage of.

Assess the impact of risks/opportunities taking into account the activity of the company.

real-time adjustments and strategic alignment to enhance overall risk management and opportunity utilization

Identify significant risks to remedy them.

Improve decision-making, planning, and prioritization.

QUALIPRO: A Collaborative and Efficient Tool for Risk Management

  • Seamless integration with existing management processes.
  • A focus on prevention and proactive risk management.
  • A risk management system compliant with international standards.
  • A functional analysis platform for a clear view of risks and opportunities.
  • Advanced features for integrated SWOT analysis and effective risk management.
  • Analytical and reporting tools that support strategic decision-making.
  • Integrated risk management, making the process more coherent and efficient.