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As simple as it is efficient, QUALIPRO facilitates compliance with the management of measurement tools

Ensuring the support and control of monitoring and measurement equipment is an essential element for the supply of a quality product and the reliability of its measurements.

The QUALIPRO metrology module, Quality / QHSE Software, allows the management of monitoring and measurement equipment (calibration, verification, maintenance, R&R study).


A rapid declaration of conformity of the measuring instruments throughout the life cycle.


Simplify intervention calls and exchanges on the various equipment in real-time.

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Quick and easy management of the various findings (calibration, verification, etc.).

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Easily spot non-compliance of instruments for effective decision making.

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To carry out R&R studies used mainly in the automotive industries.

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Ensure product compliance with regulatory metrology.

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Simplify the administration of the fleet of measurement resources.

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Periodically check the instruments and plan the interventions, in a single interface.

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Calibrate instruments quickly and easily using a sheet detailing the essential information for each device.

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Simple, efficient management of recorded intervention results.

Manage your measurement resources with efficiency

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