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Continuous improvement is an essential activity to the sustainability of a Quality / QHSE system. The manual management of these improvement action plans is very complicated when it comes to the number of actions initiated or the diversity of stakeholders.

The management of improvement actions is the heart of our Quality / QHSE software, QUALIPRO, which allows through its ACTION PLANS Module to:


Trigger actions and instantly inform managers.


Monitor the progress of actions in real-time.


Analyze actions triggered on several levels (efficiency, distribution, completion, etc.).

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Ensuring the traceability of actions carried out.

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Communicate with and notify those concerned by actions to be carried out.

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Have real-time information on the progress of the various planned actions of the Quality / QHSE system.

The ACTION PLANS Module of QUALIPRO is interconnected with all other modules

A real tool that combines power and ease of use

Revolutionize the management of your action plans