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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) involves integrating social, environmental and economic concerns into a company’s activities and decisions. It aims to improve the company’s impact on society and create value for all stakeholders (customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, community, etc.).

Here are a few steps to help you develop your CSR approach:

1- Define your mission and values: it’s important to understand why your company exists and what its long-term objectives are. This will enable you to determine the priorities of your CSR approach.

2- Identify your stakeholders: Stakeholders are all the individuals or groups who have an interest in your company or who are affected by its activities. Identify who your stakeholders are and how they are affected by your company.

3- Assess your impact: examine how your company impacts society and the environment. This may include analyzing your carbon footprint, your supply chain and your impact on local communities.

4- Set objectives and performance indicators: define precise and measurable objectives for your CSR approach. Choose performance indicators that will enable you to monitor your progress.

5- Implement concrete actions: develop an action plan that describes the precise steps you intend to take to achieve your CSR objectives. Make sure you mobilize the resources and skills needed to implement your plan.

6- Communicate your approach: share your progress and achievements with your stakeholders. This may include publishing sustainability reports or participating in CSR events and initiatives.

7- Evaluate and constantly improve your approach: track your performance indicators and regularly assess your progress. Make changes to your approach if necessary to achieve your objectives more effectively.

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