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The management review is a key element in an organization’s quality management. It provides an opportunity to review results, assess the effectiveness of the quality system, and determine the improvement initiatives to be implemented.

Here are some key steps to organize an effective management review:

·        Plan the management review: set the date, time, and venue of the meeting and invite key stakeholders.

·        Prepare necessary documents: gather necessary input data for the review, such as internal audit results, non-conformities and corrective actions, performance indicators, stakeholder requirements, and changes in context…

·        Establish a clear and comprehensive agenda: this ensures all important topics are addressed during the meeting and that all participants are well-informed.

·        Share the input data with participants for an initial read and prepare improvement proposals.

·        Discuss the company’s objectives: review the company’s goals and determine if ongoing actions are on track to achieve them.

·        Present data in a clear and concise manner: use graphs, tables, and other visual aids to help participants understand the information presented.

·        Analyze the presented data: scrutinize the data to spot trends, issues, and improvement opportunities.

·        Identify trends.

·        Pinpoint issues.

·        Recognize improvement opportunities: discuss proposed improvements, validate them with management, and establish an action plan to implement them while defining responsibilities and timelines.

·        Ensure the follow-up on the execution and effectiveness of these action plans.

By following these steps, you can conduct an efficient and productive management review for your company.

Want to save time in your upcoming management reviews? Use the QUALIPRO software for:

  • Automatic preparation of management review input elements;

  • Recording the minutes and corresponding action plans;

  • Real-time monitoring of these action plans.

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