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3 April 2024
Qualipro in Bordeaux
Qualipro in Bordeaux

Qualipro, the French leader in quality training and consultancy, announced on 24 November 2023 the opening of a second office in Pessac, on the outskirts of Bordeaux. The new office, located at 21, Avenue de Canteranne, will enable the company to get closer to its customers and partners in the region and to promote its flagship product, Qualipro, a quality management software package.

The new Qualipro office will be used to develop the company’s activities in the region, in particular by offering quality training and advice to local, national, and international companies.

The opening of this new office is part of Qualipro’s growth strategy. The company aims to strengthen its presence in France and abroad, in particular by making Qualipro a market leader in quality management software.

Qualipro specializes in quality training and consulting. It offers a wide range of services, including in-house and external training, audits and diagnostics, and software solutions.

The company is best known for its flagship product, Qualipro, a quality management software package that enables companies of all sizes in all sectors to implement and maintain a quality management system that complies with ISO 9001 and other international standards.

Qualipro is a comprehensive and flexible software package that offers a wide range of functionalities, including :

Qualipro is a valuable tool for companies wishing to improve their performance and competitiveness.


The opening of Qualipro’s new office in Pessac is good news for the company, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, and for local businesses. It will create new jobs and develop the local economy.

Additional information:

  • The company will be offering Qualipro training courses in the region, including bespoke courses tailored to the needs of local businesses.

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