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Our initial need was to find a simple, easy-to-understand tool to manage the document repository with multi-criteria search and validation workflow for multiple users and multiple sites within our SME. We have been using QUALIPRO, the Quality / QHSE software, for exactly six months. It is very simple, complete, scalable and modular. From easy document management to advanced skills management, the information is available in real time and in a fluid manner. We even had the comfort of having it with a health and safety at work module for risk and incident management. Other optional modules are planned to be added. The base seems complete and the interface is so practical that zapping can be mastered by all levels of our employees. The product meets our needs perfectly. However, its strong point in my opinion is not only the software itself, whose core is based on the action plan, but QUALIPRO’S team that manages it and that makes the difference, given that there are an infinite number of QSE management software architectures around us, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. Knowing perfectly the requirements of the standards and the demand of the companies, the extended team of QUALIPRO is always available and ready to make evolve its product with assistance of the customers in real time.