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Discover QUALIPRO's SRM module, an extension to the QMS management software designed to revolutionise supplier management. With sophisticated integration and advanced functionality, the SRM module simplifies and strengthens interactions with suppliers and external service providers, ensuring improved quality and safety for companies focused on operational excellence.

Integrated Management and Improved Communications

Comprehensive Supplier Tracking

The SRM module is directly connected to QUALIPRO's Suppliers module, enabling integrated and efficient management. It helps you identify your critical suppliers and monitor their performance accurately, giving you the tools you need to ensure compliance with the required quality standards.

Fluid Communication

Communication with your strategic suppliers and subcontractors is vital. The SRM module improves this communication by facilitating smooth and efficient exchanges, essential for maintaining strong and productive relationships. This functionality ensures that all parties remain informed and committed to the company's common objectives.

Customised Access Management

Each supplier can access a personalised and secure interface on the QUALIPRO platform, where they can easily share essential documents such as certificates and authorisations. This simplifies document management and ensures that all the necessary information is easily accessible and up-to-date.

Automatic Notifications and Alerts

The SRM module sends automatic alerts about document expiry and outstanding actions to both the supplier and the client. These alerts help you to proactively manage any non-compliance or expired documents, thereby reducing the risks to your business.

Real-time tracking

With QUALIPRO's SRM module, you can monitor the processing of complaints against suppliers in real time. This continuous monitoring ensures unprecedented responsiveness and maintains quality standards throughout the supply chain.

Assessments based on concrete data

Carry out periodic or annual assessments of your suppliers based on tangible data and accessible via our software. These assessments enable you to make informed decisions about supplier performance and identify potential areas for improvement.

Real-time Monitoring and Evaluation

Personalised and Secure Access

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Improve your Supplier Interactions Now with QUALIPRO's SRM Module

QUALIPRO's SRM module is an essential tool for any company seeking to optimise its supplier relationships. By combining enhanced communications management, personalised and secure access, and real-time monitoring, QUALIPRO gives you the means to transform your supplier relationships into lasting strategic partnerships.
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