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The Report Generator from QUALIPRO is a powerful and user-friendly tool created to give you personalized data extraction in Excel spreadsheet format that fits your unique requirements. This feature changes the way you retrieve and analyze your data, making report creation simple and extremely flexible.

Key Features

Custom Data Extraction

Easily access specific data by extracting information in the form of Excel tables. You can select the fields in each module, such as action number, person responsible, or progress rate, according to your needs. Use case: combine supplier complaint data with related non-conformance data, identify the responsible supplier, and visualize performance through key indicators.

Drag and Drop interface

Use our user-friendly drag-and-drop interface to easily select and organize fields in your reports, simplifying the creation of complex reports without requiring advanced technical skills.

Standardized Report Templates

Choose from a variety of templates for each report and standardize them for your entire team. This ensures consistency in data presentation and makes results easier to understand.

Customization and Flexibility

The module enables you to create custom reports by merging data from different QUALIPRO modules, as long as the performance indicators are consistent and valid. This functionality ensures that the generated reports are logical and relevant, preventing inconsistent or nonsensical results.

Advantages of Using a Report Generator

Customizable: Tailor each report to your specific needs by selecting the relevant fields and configuring the templates.

Simple and easy to use: The drag-and-drop interface makes report creation effortless for all team members.

Standardization: Remember to maintain consistency in your reports by utilizing standardized templates.

Relevant flexibility: Combine and analyze data from different QUALIPRO modules only when the performance indicators are compatible and relevant.

Adaptability: Data extraction and presentation can be adjusted to meet the evolving needs of your organization.

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Maximize your productivity with the QUALIPRO Report Generator!
Adopt it now and revolutionize your data management!

Qualipro's Report Generator module is designed to maximize your productivity by simplifying data extraction and analysis. With its advanced functionalities and ease of use, it has become an indispensable tool for any organization looking to optimize its reporting processes. Adopt it today and transform how you manage and present your data.