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This module is a powerful tool for transforming diverse data sources into coherent, visually attractive, interactive insights.

At QUALIPRO, we use this solution to provide customized services in business intelligence, data analysis, and visualization, responding effectively to QHSE software needs.

Distinctive features of our BI solution

Easy and Versatile Integration

This module integrates multiple data sources, from simple Excel files to complex databases. This aggregation capability facilitates the transformation and analysis of diversified data, strengthening quality software within companies.

Accessibility and cooperation

Thanks to its cloud-based nature, this module ensures constant accessibility to dashboards and reports, reinforcing team collaboration through secure and efficient sharing.

Advanced Data Visualisation

The module offers advanced visualization options that go beyond traditional graphics. Our customers can generate interactive reports and dynamic dashboards, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the data and streamlining decision-making.

Real-time Updates and Scalability

The dashboards are constantly updated in real-time, providing an up-to-date representation of essential data. This module is scalable, allowing it to be utilized in both small businesses and large organizations, with minimal maintenance required.

Synchronisation with Current Applications and Advanced Customisation

Business Intelligence integrates seamlessly with other applications, enhancing operability and improving user experience.

Specific offers for this Module at QUALIPRO

Cloud offer

  • We begin by generating reports in-house and then customizing them to fit your requirements. This personalized approach guarantees that the reports you receive align perfectly with your business needs, providing you with more relevant and actionable insights.
  • After customizing your reports, they will be published on our online service. We will set up automatic data updates to ensure that you always have the most current information. This means your dashboard will remain up-to-date, secure, and ready to provide real-time insights.
  • Access your reports anytime, anywhere with our online platform. Share insights easily with teams or partners via our interactive web interface to enhance collaboration and decision-making effectiveness.

Maintenance offer

  • We provide ready-to-use reports and offer step-by-step guidance for installing and configuring these tools on your server, granting you full control over optimizing your analysis capabilities.
  • Training and Ongoing Support: Participate in our specialized training sessions to fully understand how to use our BI module. We will ensure that you gain a thorough understanding of it so that you can make the most of this powerful tool. Our team will be available to support you and ensure that you continue to use the solution effectively.
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Turn your data into action with QUALIPRO's BI!

QUALIPRO BI is a decision-making tool based on real data, offering flexibility, customization, and total control to our customers, enabling them to exploit the full potential of their data. With this module, QUALIPRO reinforces its position as a leader in QHSE software solutions, continuously improving decision-making processes through powerful data visualizations and actionable insights.